You can set up some projects for your young students to help them understand communication and communication technology by using some recycled cans. This will be a fun classroom activity for you kids that can include studying communication and even recycling as well. You should ask your students to bring in coffee cans, baby formula cans with lids, soup or vegetable cans. All can be used in these projects.

Drums since ancient times have been a way for man to communicate either messages or music and you can have your kids make some great drums by using their recycled coffee and baby formula cans they’ve brought in. Get the material gathered together that you will need to decorate the outside of the can drums. You might want to have available some construction paper, some tissue paper, ribbon, some glue and scissors. Next you can have your students draw on their construction paper with markers or crayons and then cut the paper so that it will fit onto the cans. Then have them glue the paper onto the cans. Tie some ribbon around the drum and they can then play their drums either with their hands or use some wooden spoons.

Although stilts are not a form of communication they still can be a form of great fun for your students. You can create can stilts with larger cans like 24 ounce juice or sauce cans. Ask that the parents open the cans with an opener and only on the sides of the can so the lids will remain intact for the project. Each of your students are going to need two cans.

First take the cans and have the students decorate the outsides of them by cutting different strips of construction paper and gluing the strips of paper around their cans. With some strong rope or twine, thread it through the holes on either side of the can. Tie the ends of the rope or twine together to create some walking stilts for the students to use.

Another fun project for your students is to make telephones out of cans. This can be done with recycled vegetable or soup cans. Before working with the students on making these you should punch holes in the bottom of all the cans with a long nail and a hammer. Put the cans with the open end facing up towards the ceiling on a work space and then gently tap the nail through the bottom of your cans with a hammer. Make sure to smooth out any rough edges so they don’t scratch your students.

Now you will take a long piece of string and thread it through one end of the can and tie it with several knots and then attach another can to the other end of the string in the same manner. You need to make sure that both of the bottom of the cans with the holes are facing each other.

Now give each of the open ends of the can telephone to two different students and have them stretch apart from each other. Have them experiment with talking into the can phones and have them determine how long of a string can be used for the phone to still work or how quiet a student can talk and still be heard on the can phone.

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